cygwin unable to remap dll to same address as parent,

  • when you are working with Cygwin, sometimes you would get an error like this
  • "unable to remap some.dll to same address as parent
    someapp 4292 fork: child 3964 - died waiting for dll loading, errno 11"
  • then you would need to run rebaseall.
  • In order to run it, close all you Cygwin windows
  • Open a command prompt and go to your cygwin directory
  • From the root of your cygwin directory, execute bin\ash.exe
  • then execute bin/rebaseall
  • Once it is done, exit and close the command prompt. Then you can go back to running Cygwin again without any issues :-)


updated post to include instructions

sorry about that, i have been getting a lot of similar questions. So have updated the post to include the exact instructions. Let me know if it works.

One question

Where do you type in "

More info

I wanted to add that I had problems getting rebaseall to run in ash, I found a slightly different solution that worked for me at

In the windows command prompt:

cd cygwiin
PATH=. rebaseall -v

This should result in several lines of output similar to:
/usr/lib/xyz.dll new base = 1234, new size = 123

Thanks for the tip!


Thanks so much for the awesome tip!

Almost perfect!

I'm a complete n00b in cygwin and Linux and have been trying to import a cvs repository into svn using cvs2svn. I hit a very similar problem and spent a while searching for an answer - this was concise, simple and exactly what I was looking for. Many thanks. (Only missing bit was I needed to run "./rebaseall" but I think most people would know this!)


Thank You!

I have searched a very long time for a solution to this problem, after installing DenyHosts via Cygwin. This "rebaseall" has solved hours of confusion.
Thank you sincerely.

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